We focus on identifying the cause of material flow issues and correcting them; not on selling unneeded products.

Data collection

We utilize 3D laser scanners that provide high-precision imaging, measurement and inspection of complex structures and components.  These devices collect countless laser measurements of a 3D space which is later combined to create a precise model of a job site or structure.

In addition, we collect information on the materials being conveyed, belt, types of components, and environmental characteristics that impact the operation. 

Our data collection methods prevent problems in the overall scope of a project by identifying structures, changes in components, clearance space, electrical routing, and many other characteristics of a site that drawings simply don't provide.

System Study & Risk Assessment

Our reports identify and predict potential problems with:

  • Overloaded and/or incorrect capacities of conveyors, reclaimers, stackers, crushers, screens, gates and feeders
  • Material flow through chutes, hoppers, silos, gates, grizzlies and more
  • Premature wear of conveyor components
  • Spillage; fugitive material
  • Improper belt loading
  • Carryback
  • Dust & combustible dust creation
  • Belt tracking issues
  • OSHA/MSHA guarding and walkways
  • Communications

Material flow analysis

Using numerical methods and equations that take into consideration a material's qualities such as friction, electrostatic, magnetic, gravitational, and cohesive qualities this analysis simulates how particles interact with each other and structures or constraints.  Our software models these interactions and provides information on the velocity, position, and forces acting in the environment yielding a visual representation that can help avoid design issues such as material plugging, belt and chute wear, depreciation of material, and off center loading.

Retrofit component design & supply

We combine our technology and process with over 30 years of experience in material handling solutions to ensure existing systems are clean, safe and efficient. The bottom line is we design conveyor components with specific intent to solve the problems of our customers. No system is identical, so we design, fabricate and supply custom parts that are made to fit with no or minimal field adjustment. The accuracy of our products cut critical outage time, and are designed to be easily maintained.